If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, Frank Myers Auto Maxx has just the thing. Since the first Frank Myers store opened more than 90 years ago, the dedication to superb customer service has remained steadfast and consistently fulfilled by our team of Non-Commission Automotive Solutions Providers and Auto Repair Experts. Between the Everybody Rides Program, the Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee, it's easy to make the right choice! Our Uncle Frank's Advantage highlights exactly why shopping with Frank Myers Auto Maxx is unique:

9 Big Reasons to Buy a Car From Us!

  1. Everybody Deserves A Warranty!
  2. Everybody Deserves Credit Approval! We call it "The Right To Ride"
  3. Everybody Deserves Fun!
  4. Everybody Deserves A Money Back Guarantee!
  5. Everybody Is A VIP!
  6. Everybody Deserves Quality Service!
  7. Everybody Deserves A Free Vehicle History Report!
  8. Everybody Deserves Solutions!
  9. Everybody Deserves A Fair Trade-In Value!

We welcome every shopper to visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx for a fun, rewarding, and hassle-free car buying experience. We look forward to serving you!