Do You HATE Talking With Commissioned Salespeople?

If You Answered YES, The “No Commission Zone” Is The Answer To Your Car Shopping Prayers!

No need to duct tape your wallet to your leg. We’re all about helping you find the best value for your hard earned dough, not salivating to take a chunk out of you. Deep breath….R E L A X! At Frank Myers Auto Maxx, you’re in a “No Commission Zone”.

It goes against the grain, but we’ve decided we’re ok with that. And we’re confident you will be, too. Let us spell it out for you:

Most places, you pull up and even before your car’s stopped rolling, you catch a glimpse of something or someone coming up behind you. You’re convinced you’re hearing the unmistakable JAWS music; duh dunh, duh dunh, duh dunh. Why is that? It’s because you’ve pulled into “The Shark Zone”. A foreboding, bottomless, terrifying pool of commission hungry sales people. You’re a meal ticket, a number on the board, a commission. That means the more they can get you to pay, the more they’ll make. “Hey, I reaaaaally like those shoes.”

Pull up on our lot, and even before your car’s stopped rolling, you catch sight of a smiling, friendly person waving at you. You’re convinced you’re hearing the unmistakable sound of birds singing, but they’re not singing “Cheap, cheap”. They’re singing “Great value. Great selection” Why is that? Because you’ve pulled into the “No Commission Zone” A welcoming, cheerful, fun-filled field of Non-Commissioned Automotive Solutions Providers. No commission means they’re geared to helping you find the right vehicle at a price that makes sense. “Hey there! We’re so glad you’ve stopped in. Please allow me to help you!”

Why the difference? Our thinking is, if we help you get the very most for your money, in a comfortable, non-threatening manner, you’ll be back for next nicer, newer car, truck, minivan, SUV, etc. And not only will you be back, you’ll tell folks you work with, family members, and your friends at church. Heck, we may even see you there because we’re NEVER open on Sundays. Yes, we WILL make money when we help you. Yes, our Non-Commissioned Automotive Solutions Providers WILL make money when they help you. We’ll all make money because we helped you. You’ll be convinced that the money you allow us to make is because you received an incredible value.

So now you know. Our Non-Commissioned Automotive Solutions Providers are highly trained, motivated, friendly relationship builders. They are NOT smooth talking, pushy, money grubbing hustlers. We’re here to help you. So relax, and come on in. The water is fine!

PLEASE NOTE: We would be remiss and deceitful saying that all sales people at all other dealerships are criminals and not to be trusted. There are certainly many honest, hard working folks to be found. We’re sold that in the long run, our “No Commission Zone” is more likely to provide you with the buying experience that until now you’ve only dreamt about. Do you hear birds singing?

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