It’s sleek and sparkling. It drives like a dream. It’s... used? Our used car dealer in Winston-Salem knows why you should buy used. Do you? Let us shed some light on some of the hidden benefits to purchasing a pre-owned car, truck, van, or SUV.

Cut Costs

There’s no denying that a new car is alluring, but the price tag of a used car is even more so. Unless you’re leasing a new vehicle with a minimal down payment, the money spent on a new car will outpace the used option quickly. If you do more research, one more benefit will present itself to you: insurance rates on used cars can be lower than that glittering new model.

Ditch Depreciation

Depreciation is the hidden sad fact of owning a new car. As soon as you drive it off the lot, the car’s value drops considerably. Purchasing a used car will skip the first few years of the vehicle's’ lifespan, which means you’ve missed the time frame of its major depreciation. This takes the pressure off a little bit, because even the most careful drivers wind up with minor dents and dings on their vehicle. When you have a used car, the financial impact is substantially smaller!

Flexible Financing

Used car dealerships such as ours have considerably more financial independence, and as a result we’re able to assist drivers with poor credit that new car dealerships may be unable to. At our dealership, we firmly believe that everybody has the right to ride, and we make purchasing a high-quality used car a breeze. We know that going without a car is incredibly difficult. Let us help make your life a little easier!

Superior Selection

Shopping for a used car is a fundamentally different experience than looking for a new one in that it may open up your mind a little! You may find yourself looking at color combinations you hadn’t considered before or unique option packages that are pre-installed in the vehicle you’re looking at. After all, fun classic cars enjoyed by crowds all over the country started as someone else’s used car, turned into vehicles of self-expression. They really are someone else’s legacy that you adopt as your own!

Are you thinking that a used car is best for you? Visit Frank Myers Auto Maxx to take a look at our outstanding selection of vehicles to suit the needs of all Winston-Salem shoppers. Come join the thousands of satisfied customers who love their like-new cars!

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