I'm on a mission to bring respect and responsibility back to the car business. I'm fighting for you. I'm challenging my fellow dealers to clean up their acts and put truth and honesty first and profits second.

I'm a firm believer that if you treat people with courtesy and educate them with the most complete information available, they'll be empowered, they'll be more informed and they'll become your customers for life.

Bottom line, you deserve to be treated with respect and honesty when buying a car or servicing a car. And that's what I'm promising. I'm not in business to sell cars to make a quick buck or to repair something that doesn't need fixing. I'm in business to sell cars to great people who will stay with me for life and to help people cost-effectively maintain their vehicles to ensure additional repairs and expenses are kept to a minimum. I want to build a relationship with you… a relationship that adds value to your life… one built on trust and mutual respect… a relationship that will end your search for an honest car dealer and finally give you a dealership you feel comfortable doing business with for life.

I want you to know that my amazing Team and I are ready to serve YOU. We're not perfect and have never claimed to be. We make mistakes ALL THE TIME. Everyone does. The difference is that we'll take responsibility when we do and work hard to right our wrongs.

Don't hesitate to call us. That’s what we're here for. Our number is 1-866-242-1277.

We also want to show you how the way we do things here at Frank Myers Auto Maxx is truly unique. We want your experience to make you say, "WOW, I didn't realize shopping for a car or getting my car serviced could be this easy or this FUN!"

Call us today,

Tracy E. Myers, CMD

P.S. If you need me, you can also call me DIRECT. Here is my number: 336-831-0646. Be warned: I'm out of the office a lot. If I don't answer, PLEASE leave me a message and I'll call you back.

P.P.S. You can also email me HERE