Our Everybody Rides Program

My name is Tracy Myers, the owner of Frank Myers Auto Maxx, and I know that a lot of you suffer from PAST CREDIT PROBLEMS. Things are tough these days and that’s why Uncle Frank created the Everybody Rides program. He understands where you are and the challenges you are facing. Don’t go it alone; my team of Non-Commissioned Automotive Solutions Providers can help. In fact, helping people with credit issues get approved for a nicer, newer car is what we do everyday. It’s what we specialize in.

The goal of our Everybody Rides Program is to help you drive home in a nicer, newer vehicle regardless of any credit problems you’ve had in the past. The process is easy, painless and starts right now. There’s no embarrassment or harassment and we won’t sell your information to anyone.

Here’s How The Program Works

Click below where it says GET PRE-QUALIFIED. Then fill out the Easy, No Obligation Pre-Qualification form. When it’s received in our Processing Center, one of our highly skilled Credit Miracle Workers will give you a quick call you to verify a few things. Then they will contact the lenders to go to work on your behalf. Their goal is to get you the “YES” that you deserve!


Uncle Frank Sez: “NO, there’s not a catch but there is some small print. Here it is: YES, the Everybody Rides Program is real so there is no need to pinch yourself. The terms (APR, Down, Amount Financed, Approval, etc) will vary by lender based on credit scores, loan to value, year of vehicle and other variables but we have a finance solution for almost everyone.”