Coolant Flush

When your car is running as expected, you might not give much thought to your vehicle’s heating and cooling systems, but left unchecked and uncared for and you might find yourself stranded on the side of the road thanks to an overheated engine. One way to avoid this scenario is by getting your coolant flushed as recommended. When it’s time for your next service appointment, let our service center in Winston-Salem take care of your car. Our experts are happy to help!

Why a Coolant Flush is Crucial

  • As its name suggests, the coolant works to cool the engine. Without coolant, your vehicle’s engine is actually capable of producing enough heat to damage itself.
  • However, it’s not enough to just have coolant running through the system. As with anything car-related, regular attention is required. Sometimes that just means topping off the coolant, other times it means a complete coolant flush to rid the fluid of dirt, rust, sediment, all of which collect over time.
  • Much like an oil change, a coolant flush, provides your vehicle with fresh solution which will help prolong the life of the overall cooling system.
  • In general we recommend getting your coolant flushed every 30,000 miles; however, the frequency of that service really depends on your driving habits and particular make and model so make sure to consult your owners manual for a more specific number.


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