Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

by Frank Myers Auto Maxx
11/21/2017 - Winston-Salem, NC

Brake squeaking and repair at Frank Myers Auto Maxx

Hearing a squeaky noise every time you stop at a red light? If so, there are a few possible explanations. Depending on the noise, you could either have a bit of time left before you need to replace your brakes…or you may be damaging your brake rotors and other brake components. We at Frank Myers Auto Maxx near Winston-Salem will explain how to tell the difference between “go soon” and “go now.”

Types of Noises


If your brakes are squealing (sounds like a high-pitched whistle), you likely need to replace your brake pads. Check out our brake services near Winston-Salem to see why you should come to Frank Myers Auto Maxx for your brake inspection and/or replacement. However, if you recently replaced your brakes and hear this squeaky sound, do not panic. The pads need to be broken in a bit and this noise should go away in a few days.


Grinding is a bit more serious. If you hear a grinding noise (sounds like scraping a rock against metal), you may have a small rock stuck inside your brakes. If you never heard squealing before this, this is a likely explanation. All you have to do is go and get the rock removed!

What if it’s not a rock? You may hear grinding if your brake pads are completely worn out. If this is the case, you should get your brakes replaced immediately to avoid very expensive repair costs down the line! You may also be putting yourself and others in danger by driving on completely worn out brake pads.

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