Which Used Cars Have Apple CarPlay?

by Frank Myers Auto Maxx
2/6/2017 - Winston-Salem, NC

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When touch screens were introduced into vehicles years ago, it seemed that automotive tech had reached its apex. However, as the industry moves forward, so does the technology available to every driver. The latest favorite at our used car dealership in Winston-Salem is Apple CarPlay, which is rapidly becoming a must-have for iPhone owners behind the wheel.

Though this is cutting-edge technology, it is available to car models a few years older too. In fact, there are a handful of vehicles on our lot that are compatible with Apple CarPlay, including select KIA and Hyundai models!

These brands are not only ahead of the curve when it comes to tech, but they’re also dependable and high-quality vehicles that offer great driving dynamics and fuel economy. For a complete list of models that support CarPlay, visit: apple.com.

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Make a Smooth Ride Smoother

You bring your iPhone everywhere with you. You count on it to manage your music, contacts, plane tickets, bank transactions, and so much more. Why shouldn’t you be able to integrate it into one of the most important objects in your life? Apple CarPlay turns your iPhone into your copilot, just like it is for everything else. It’s the natural next step in making your car smarter!

The system is a great way to make the most of your car’s infotainment interface. It syncs with your car’s display, making your favorite iPhone apps, such as navigation or Spotify, available on the touchscreen. It helps to provide a seamless driving experience, eliminating the dangerous habit of looking down at your phone to, for example, make sure you’re still on the route suggested by your GPS.

Expect better from your used car. Contact Frank Myers Auto Maxx today to talk to us about our huge selection of pre-owned vehicles that will provide the experience you love at a price you can afford.


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