Oh my lucky stars...we need cars!

We just had the best February we've had in 5 years so our lot is EMPTY. That’s why we’re willing to give you up to $4,173.00 MORE than the appraised value for that old car you HATE driving. Even if it’s not paid for, even if you owe more than it’s worth!

So bring us your ride and we’ll turn your car that’s old into a pot of gold!

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This Offer Is Good Even For People With Credit Problems

And if other dealers have told you NO, our EVERYBODY RIDES PROGRAM could be your lucky charm!

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Here's What Else You Need To Know

- Customers Receive Up To $4,173 MORE For Their Vehicle Than The Appraised Value When They Trade In Their Old Vehicle & Purchase Any Qualifying Certified Vehicle From Frank Myers Auto Maxx At The Listed Price.

- This Opportunity Helps Customers Get A Great Deal On A Nicer, Newer Vehicle From Frank Myers Auto Maxx. The Program Is Designed To Boost Dealership Inventory, Encourage Customers To Trade In Their Old Car, Energize The Economy, Increase Sales & Put Safer Vehicles on Triad Roadways. No Local, State Or Federal Tax Dollars Are Being Used To Fund This Program.

- This Is A Limited Time Opportunity. Transactions Must Be Made Before Saturday at 5pm OR Before We Trade For 48 Cars...Whichever Comes First.

- Uncle Frank Sez: "YES...this offer is real but requires bank approval, if applicable, & vehicle purchased at listed price. All prices are plus 3% tax, $55 tag & $499 title documentation fee. Offers may not combine, vehicle purchase price affects actual trade allowance, some negative equity may be refinanced & financing requires bank approval.”